Welcome to the
Learning Center.

Welcome to the Mentor Learning Center

Reconnection (Phase One)

In this phase...

You and your mentee will continue to build and strengthen your relationship as you catch up on what happened over the summer.  You will learn about the plan for iMentor pairs for senior year which culminate in supporting your mentee as they select a pathway and enroll in a post-secondary program after high school.  We hope the activities in this phase help you and your mentee reconnect after summer and set goals to work on together during the year.

Resources for this Phase

  • You and your mentee will work on tasks listed in the mentor fall coaching script. Download and save a copy to support your mentee with various steps on their post-secondary pathway. 
  •  iMentor's Post-secondary applications tool is where you and your mentee will keep track of your mentee's college applications.
  • To prepare for college list conversations with your mentee, click through the following slide presentation, which illustrates the 5 components of a balanced college list and provides additional resources for each component.
  • If your mentee is interested in pursuing employment, vocational training, military, or gap year programs immediately after high school use iMentor’s Pro-Pathway Guide to find high-quality programs.
  • Complete a short, self-directed mentor training module called "Making the Postsecondary Process more Equitable" (See guidance below for accessing this module through the iMentor Platform).