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Strengthening the Pair Relationship

After high school, the pair relationship will be central to the mentee's experience of PSP. This category contains resources for continuing to grow together as a team.


How to communicate after high school
During the high-school program, your pair communication was anchored by the weekly classes and online communication as well as the monthly in-person Events.  After graduation, your communication will become more natural and authentic- but there...
Can't reach your mentee?
If you're having trouble reaching your mentee, you're not alone! The time after high school is a big time of transition, and there is far less structure and support for your mentoring relationship. If you're feeling frustrated, check out...
the New Year's Check-in
Time seems to pass differently when you're out of school vs. when you're in school. If your mentee is working full-time, use the New Year as a time to check in and support your mentee in moving forward however they want to. Here are some ...
Meeting up with your mentee after high school
Meeting up after high school is a crucial way to keep your relationship strong! In high school, you may have focused any expeditions on college visits. Now, meeting up can help your mentee continue to explore their academic and career options. For e...