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Understanding Finances

This category has information on mentor/mentee conversations about money, along with resources about payment plans, budgeting, and financial management.


Getting Started To make a budget, you need to analyze your income and expenses .  First, record all of your income. Your income might come from things like:  Salary/wages  Free money: grants and scholarships or gifts  ...
Filing Taxes
Filing taxes can be overwhelming, but if you file taxes, chances are that you will get money back! Read on to learn more about if you should file, and how you should do it.   Should you file taxes?   You only have to file taxes if y...
Supporting Your Mentee with FAFSA
Filing out the FAFSA can be daunting for students, and mentors can find it difficult to know exactly how to support their mentee through the process. This article will help you understand your role in this critical step in the college process. ...
Private Loans: Proceed with Caution
As students figure out their post-secondary options, paying for college and the various options available can be overwhelming. Students who may be the first in their family to attend college or those that come from low-income families may be more su...