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Welcome to the Mentor Learning Center

Applications and Financial Aid (Phase Two)

In this phase...

You and your mentee will discuss scholarships and financial aid options, work on post-secondary program applications and track your progress through the steps necessary for successful enrollment after high school graduation.  If needed, you may also support your mentee in crafting their college application essay or seeking letters of recommendation.  Don't forget to keep investing in the strength of your personal relationship as the post-secondary work becomes tactical during this phase - be sure to share your own experience as you navigated the post-secondary process and regularly check in on how your mentee is feeling throughout their journey. 

Resources for this Phase

  • Download a copy of the college essay guide if your mentee needs support with writing their personal statement. 
  • Refer to this handout to help your mentee write about their  extracurricular activities. 
  • If you are planning on writing a recommendation letter for your mentee, use this mentor guide to recommendation letters.
  • Paying for college is often the number one concern for students. Encourage and support your mentee with researching and applying for scholarships.