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Welcome to the Mentor Learning Center


Your program manager has the ability to create group text messages from the Platform that will appear right on your phone's texting app. The four types of people who can be in a chat are: Program Manager, Mentee, Mentor, and Guardian of mentee. The groups can also be in any configuration! For example, the PM, mentee, and mentor. The PM, guardian, and mentee. The PM and mentor. Etc.

Texts will come through in whatever app you have for text messages (iMessage, WhatsApp, etc), and look like a regular text. Since phone numbers are masked, each message will begin with the name of the person who sent that text (if it's the PM, it will also show their number):

Above is a conversation between the PM, Mentor, Mentee, and the Mentee's guardian. As you can see, each time a message comes in it will show the name of the person texting, and users have the ability to add photos, gifs, and documents (but not video). 

Write "Stop" at any time and be automatically unsubscribed from receiving texts: